Lord Melenas is a level 8 satyr found in Fel Rock in Teldrassil. He is a vicious Satyr, who managed to amass a small army of grells led by Threggil, to protect him in his chosen lair of Fel Rock, just north of Dolanaar. Melenas has the ability to transform into a black saber, which means some satyrs possibly still practice druidism. Tallonkai Swiftroot wants Melenas' head for his practices.


  • Cat Form (Shapeshifts into a cat for 4 min., increasing attack power and allowing the use of various cat abilities.)
  • Rake (Rake the target for [AP / 100 + 17] bleed damage and an additional [90 + AP * 0.18] damage over 9 sec. Awards 1 combo point.)
  • Rejuvenation (Heals the target for 32 over 12 sec.)

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Lord Melenas Cat form

Lord Melenas in cat form