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Loque'Nahak's Severed Fang is a rare necklace that drops exclusively from Combat 15 Loque'nahak.

Random enchantmentsEdit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of Restoration +42 Stamina, +33 Spell Power, +11 Mana Per 5 sec.
of the Bandit +28 Agility, +42 Stamina, +56 Attack Power
of the Champion +28 Strength, +42 Stamina, +28 Defense Rating
of the Foreseer +28 Intellect, +28 Haste Rating, +33 Spell Power
of the Hierophant +42 Stamina, +28 Spirit, +33 Spell Power
of the Invoker +28 Intellect, +33 Spell Power, +28 Critical Strike Rating
of the Marksman +42 Stamina, +28 Agility, +28 Hit Rating
of the Necromancer +42 Stamina, +28 Hit Rating, +33 Spell Power
of the Soldier +28 Strength, +42 Stamina, +28 Critical Strike Rating
of the Sorcerer +42 Stamina, +28 Intellect, +33 Spell Power
of the Squire +42 Stamina, +28 Hit Rating, +28 Strength

Source Edit

This item has a high chance (51%-99%) to drop from Loque'nahak in Sholazar Basin.

Notes Edit

  • Although the creature does not have the N capitalized in its name, this item does.

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