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Introduction Edit

Loot Filter is an addon for World of Warcraft that allows you to filter items you get from looting.

Are you tired of deleting all the crap items from your inventory that you get from looting corpses? Or are you tired of having to manually click the items you want from a corpse? Then this addon is for you. It lets you filter loot by quality, item name and item value (and many other things) and helps you keep your inventory clean.

Loot Filter basically works as follows:

  1. when you loot a corpse all items on the corpse are added to a list
  2. the corpse is then looted and the looted items appear in your bags
  3. loot filter then goes through the list of looted items and searches for them in the bags
  4. when a matching item is found in your bags it starts matching the items properties against the KEEP and DELETE properties (in that order):
  5. if a KEEP property matches, the item is kept and there will be no matching against any DELETE properties
  6. if no KEEP properties match, the items properties are matched against the DELETE properties, if there is a match the item is deleted
  7. if no KEEP or DELETE properties match the items properties, the item is also kept

Usage: /lf or /lfr or /lootfilter, brings up the control panel

Optional dependencies, needed to filter on item value (you just need one of the addons, not all):

  1. Any addons that have a GetSellValue implementation. More information about GetSellValue can be found at

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