Lonika Stillblade <Rogue Academy Proprietor> can be found at World's End Tavern in Shattrath City. She bears the same last name of Sangrias Stillblade but it's unlikely they are related.

In Warlords of Draenor, if the player has the Lunarfall Inn built in their garrison, Lonika will sometimes appear offering the dungeon quest And No Maces!

Lonika's School of RogueryEdit

She runs a school for the training of rogues.


  • Never leave home without ample supplies of flash powder, especially when working with others. I guarantee someone will run out every time.
    When the choice comes down to handing out materials or letting the poor sap die, I help... most of the time.
  • Swords, claws, daggers, of course -- I've trained rogues in the use of them all. Now maces, I won't touch maces and I won't instruct any rogue who gets it in his head to wield one.
    There's nothing stealthy about a mace. You're in for a noisy kill and a long cleanup if you go that route.
  • When I first set up my rogue academy in Shattrath, it wasn't nearly this crowded. Then, the refugees started flooding in and the naaru needed very available building to house them.
    I've closed the doors to my academy for now, but it's not permanent. I'll find a new place to set up.
    Then, a new generation of rogues will learn such staples as the gouge'n'grin, combat looting, and blaming someone else for breaking polymorph. And who can forget the central rule of roguery --- real rogues don't feint.
  • My early classes are always filled with bright-eyed young lads. Few make it past the first test, though.
    I've given up on shouting 'when I yell vanish, you need to vanish.' They never listen. Now, the test simply kills the inept.
  • The trick to using evasion is realizing that the best fifteen seconds of your life are often the last.

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