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Neutral 32 Longying Outpost
Leader(s)Taran Zhu
Race(s)IconSmall Pandaren MaleIconSmall Pandaren Female Pandaren
LocationWestern Townlong Steppes, Pandaria
FacilitiesDone Inn          Done Mailbox

Undone Stables   Done Anvil & Forge

Undone Bank       Undone Auction House
TravelDone Flight Master Undone Mass-transit
Sources: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria β

Longying Outpost is a pandaren settlement located in the eastern part of Townlong Steppes. Judging by the architecture it appears to have been wrested from yaungol control by the Shado-Pan clan, and now the yaungol send their warriors against the pandaren from nearby Fire Camp Osul.

Flight paths Edit

Neutral 15 Rensai's Watchpost, Townlong Steppes
Neutral 15 Gao-Ran Battlefront, Townlong Steppes
Neutral 15 Winter's Blossom, Kun-Lai Summit
Neutral 15 Shado-Pan Fallback, Kun-Lai Summit

Inhabitants Edit

Quest givers/enders

Patch changes Edit

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