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Mob NameLevelZone
Combat 15 Adult Plainstrider5-7Mulgore
Combat 15 Aldaron the Reckless6-8Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Amani Axe Thrower7-9Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Amani Shadowpriest8-10Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Angershade6-8Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Armored Scorpid6-8Durotar
Combat 15 Bael'dun Appraiser8-9Mulgore
Combat 15 Bael'dun Digger7-8Mulgore
Combat 15 Bloodfeather Harpy8-9Teldrassil
Combat 15 Bloodfeather Rogue8-9Teldrassil
Combat 15 Bloodfeather Sorceress1-9Teldrassil
Combat 15 Bloodtalon Scythemaw8-10Durotar
Combat 15 Bloodtalon Taillasher6-8Durotar
Combat 15 Bristleback Interloper8-10Mulgore
Combat 15 Bristlelimb Furbolg7-8Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Bristlelimb Ursa8-9Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Bristlelimb Windcaller7-9Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Burning Blade Fanatic8-10Durotar
Combat 15 Burning Blade Neophyte8-10Durotar
Combat 15 Burning Blade Thug6-9Durotar
Combat 15 Cracked Skull Soldier8-9Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Crazed Wildkin9-10Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Cursed Darkhound7-8Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Darkeye Bonecaster7-8Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Darkwraith8-10Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Defias Bandit7-9Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Defias Dockworker8-9Elwynn Forest,Duskwood
Combat 15 Defias Rogue Wizard8-10Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Deranged Owlbeast8-9Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Dire Mottled Boar6-7Durotar
Combat 15 Durotar Tiger7-8Durotar
Combat 15 Dustwind Harpy7-8Durotar
Combat 15 Dustwind Pillager6-8Durotar
Combat 15 Dustwind Savage8-10Durotar
Combat 15 Elder Crag Boar6-8Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Elder Mottled Boar6-9Durotar
Combat 15 Elder Nightsaber8-9Teldrassil
Combat 15 Elder Springpaw8-9Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Ether Fiend8-10Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Eversong Green Keeper7-9Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Flatland Cougar7-8Mulgore
Combat 15 Flatland Prowler7-9Mulgore,Thunder Bluff
Combat 15 Frostmane Headhunter8-9Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Frostmane Seer6-9Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Frostmane Shadowcaster9-10Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Frostmane Snowstrider8-9Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Frostmane Troll6-8Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Gharsul the Remorseless7-8Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Gnarlpine Augur8-9Teldrassil
Combat 15 Gnarlpine Defender6-8Teldrassil
Combat 15 Gnarlpine Shaman7-8Teldrassil
Combat 15 Goldtooth6-8Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Gray Forest Wolf6-8Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Greater Duskbat6-7Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Grimscale Murloc6-8Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Grimscale Oracle6-8Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Grimscale Seer4-7Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Hexed Troll6-9Durotar
Combat 15 Ice Claw Bear6-8Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Infected Nightstalker Runt6-8Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Kobold Geomancer6-8Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Kobold Miner5-7Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Kolkar Outrunner6-8Durotar
Combat 15 Kul Tiras Marine4-7Durotar
Combat 15 Large Crag Boar5-7Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Leper Gnome8-10Dun Morogh,Gnomeregan
Combat 15 Mana Serpent8-10Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Mistbat9-10Ghostlands
Combat 15 Moongraze Buck7-8Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Murloc Forager8-10Elwynn Forest,Duskwood
Combat 15 Murloc Lurker7-10Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Nerubis Guard8-10Ghostlands
Combat 15 Nightsaber Stalker7-8Teldrassil
Combat 15 Nightstalker (mob) <Nightstalker>8-9Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Palemane Poacher7-8Mulgore
Combat 15 Palemane Skinner6-7Mulgore
Combat 15 Prairie Stalker5-8Mulgore
Combat 15 Prairie Wolf Alpha9-10Mulgore,Thunder Bluff
Combat 15 Prowler9-10Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Pygmy Tide Crawler8-10Darkshore
Combat 15 Rattlecage Soldier6-7Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Ravaged Corpse6-7Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Ravager Specimen9-10Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Razormane Battleguard8-10Durotar
Combat 15 Razormane Dustrunner7-9Durotar
Combat 15 Razormane Scout7-8Durotar
Combat 15 Riverpaw Outrunner8-10Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Riverpaw Runt7-9Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Rockhide Boar6-8Elwynn Forest
Combat 15 Rockjaw Bonesnapper8-10Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Rockjaw Skullthumper7-9Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Rot Hide Graverobber6-7Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Rot Hide Mongrel6-8Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Rotlimb Marauder7-9Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Rusty Harvest Golem8-10Westfall
Combat 15 Scarlet Friar9-10Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Scarlet Missionary7-8Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Scarlet Warrior5-7Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Scarlet Zealot8-9Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Scarred Crag Boar8-10Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Siltfin Murloc8-10Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Siltfin Oracle9-10Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Skittering Crawler5-7Azuremyst Isle,The Veiled Sea
Combat 15 Snow Leopard6-8Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Snow Tracker Wolf5-7Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Springpaw Stalker5-7Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Swoop7-9Mulgore
Combat 15 Taloned Swoop8-10Mulgore
Combat 15 Timberling Bark Ripper7-8Teldrassil
Combat 15 Timberling Mire Beast9-10Teldrassil
Combat 15 Timberling Trampler8-9Teldrassil
Combat 15 Tirisfal Farmer6-7Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Vampiric Duskbat6-9Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Venomtail Scorpid8-10Durotar
Combat 15 Venture Co. Laborer4-7Mulgore
Combat 15 Venture Co. Saboteur6-7Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Venture Co. Supervisor9-10Mulgore
Combat 15 Venture Co. Worker7-9Mulgore
Combat 15 Vicious Night Web Spider9-10Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Vile Fin Minor Oracle8-9Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Vile Fin Puddlejumper7-8Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Voodoo Troll8-9Durotar
Combat 15 Wailing Ancestor9-10Tirisfal Glades
Combat 15 Webwood Venomfang7-8Teldrassil
Combat 15 Wendigo5-7Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Windfury Harpy7-8Mulgore
Combat 15 Winter Wolf6-8Dun Morogh
Combat 15 Withered Green Keeper8-10Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Wrathscale Myrmidon7-8Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Wrathscale Naga7-8Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Wrathscale Siren7-8Azuremyst Isle
Combat 15 Wretched Hooligan5-7Eversong Woods
Combat 15 Young Forest Bear7-9Elwynn Forest

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