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| type = a [[pet]]
| info = A creature or mob that can become a bound to a player in some fashion.
* Use {{[[Template:Stub/NPC|Stub/NPC]]}} or {{[[Template:Stub/Mob|Stub/Mob]]}} for other non-player characters or creatures.
* This type of article is usually categorized under [[:Category:battle pets|battle pets]], [[:Category:companions|companions]], [[:Category:World_of_Warcraft_mounts|mounts]], [[:Category:Pets|pets]], etc.
*You may use the '''[[Help:Pet articles|Pet boilerplate]]''' to fill in this article (see [[WoWWiki:Boilerplates]] for help).
*You may also import some information from a database site. See: {{Elinks-Stub{{#if:{{{subdomain|}}}|{{!}}subdomain={{{subdomain|www}}}}}}} for listings.
* Reason: {{{1}}}}}
[[File:Locust.jpg|thumb|Locust battle pet]]
[[File:Locust.jpg|thumb|Locust battle pet]]

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Locust battle pet

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