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Neutral 32 Lithic
Veil Lithic
Veil Lithic
Race(s)IconSmall Arakkoa Arakkoa
Base of operationsVeil Lithic
Theater of operationsTerokkar Forest

Lithic is the daughter of Terokk. When she and her father where cast out of Skyreach Lithic died. While seeing her broken body Terokk despair, but something found him. The Lithic are a group of arakkoa likely named in honor of the daughter of Terokk found at Veil Lithic in Terokkar Forest.

They are attempting to befoul their avian brethren before they hatch. The dark sorcerers of Lithic encase eggs in a shadowy curse, and when the hatch lings emerge, they mindlessly serve Terokk.[1]



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