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This is a list of points of interest with no official name in World of Warcraft. These are places that have no lore or explanation. This list is likely to be incomplete, unless many users make an effort to make it complete.

Name Location Picture
Arathi Coast dwarven farm [92, 70] Dwarven farm02 contrastHouse out AH DFRight Field AH DF
East of Burning Steppes Unusedeast
Mulgore cave Hidden HutHidden Hut CloseEmpty Cave (NE Mulgore)
Northern Lordaeron PlaguelandsOnWorldMapNorthern Lordaeron Lighthouse 01
Northshire River Northshire River
Silithus coast tauren settlement [39, 95] TaurenVillage2TaurenVillage8TaurenVillage7
South Seas islands Southbreak IslesSouth Seas island
Teldrassil furbolg village [75, 62] Teldrassil furbolg villageTeldrassil furbolg hovelTeldrassil grove
Wailing Caverns right eye socket cave WC entrance
West of Stonetalon Mountains NE of Stonetalon4NE of StonetalonNE of Stontalon
Western Dun Morogh Western Dun Morogh Valley
Wetlands farm Dwarven farmSignpost

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