List of paladins

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Listed below is a named list of paladin NPCs from around Azeroth and Outland.

Alliance organizationsEdit

Knights of the Silver HandEdit

List of Knights of the Silver Hand paladins

Hand of ArgusEdit

List of Hand of Argus paladins

Blood knights paladinsEdit

Other organizationsEdit


List of Aldor paladins

Argent CrusadeEdit

List of Argent Crusade paladins

Argent DawnEdit

List of Argent Dawn paladins

Scarlet CrusadeEdit

List of Scarlet Crusade paladins

Scarlet OnslaughtEdit

List of Scarlet Onslaught paladins

Shattered Sun OffensiveEdit

List of Shattered Sun Offensive paladins


List of Sha'tar paladins


List of unaffiliated paladins

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