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X-Elerated GuidesEdit

  • Is a 100% Ingame strategy guide. No need to use alt-tab and leave the game in order to read some PDF strategy guide, and all the WoW strategy guides you need are accessible inside game.
  • X-Elerated Guides are the ones who first introduced an in-game strategy guide.[citation needed]
  • The ingame Guide viewer is fully customizable
  • There is a Built in Navigational arrow that points you where you need to go in order to accomplish your tasks.
  • Guides are always updated with the latest patch of WoW.

X-Elerated Guide ContentEdit

Basically, there are six different X-Elerated Guides available. Each is sold separately or as a package so you are not forced to pay or use what you don’t need. 

The information of this Free Guide is also updated to the latest patch so you won’t have to worry about outdated data.

  • 1-20 In-game leveling guide
  • Limited function of the In-game Gold Guide
  • Talent and Glyph guide for all classes and specs
  • Starter is free, no commitment, no credit card required

External links Edit

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