Dalaran Edit

The Hunter's ReachEdit

Sisters SorcerousEdit

Magical MenagerieEdit

One More GlassEdit


Bank of DalaranEdit

Magus Commerce Exchange Edit

A Herbalists' GreenhouseEdit

The Agronomical ApothecaryEdit

The Scribes' SacellumEdit

All that Glitters Prospecting Co.Edit

Simply EnchantingEdit

Cartier & Co. Fine JewelryEdit

Legendary LeathersEdit

Talismanic TextilesEdit

Like ClockworkEdit

Tanks for EverythingEdit

First to Your AidEdit

Forge of FateEdit

Sunreaver's Sanctuary Edit

The Filthy Animal Edit

Krasus' Landing Edit

Runeweaver Square Edit

The WonderworksEdit

The Threads of FateEdit

Curiosities & MooreEdit

Dalaran Visitor CenterEdit

Violet GateEdit

The Eventide Edit

The Arsenal AbsoluteEdit

Glorious GoodsEdit

Langrom's Leather & LinksEdit

The Militant MysticEdit

Dalaran Merchant's BankEdit

The Silver Enclave Edit

A Hero's WelcomeEdit

The Beer GardenEdit

The Violet Citadel Edit

Archmage Vargoth's RetreatEdit

Purple ParlorEdit

The Violet Hold Edit

Antonidas MemorialEdit

Legerdemain LoungeEdit

Ledgerdemain LoungeEdit

The Underbelly Edit

The Cantrips & Crows TavernEdit

Circle of WillsEdit

The Black MarketEdit

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