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Neutral 32Liquid Pyrite
Liquid Pyrite
Race Pyrite (Uncategorized)
Level 80
Health 6
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ulduar
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Liquid Pyrite is a combustible fuel source used for unknown purposes in Ulduar. Transported by the Mechanolift 304 - A, these containers have found a use by the Hired Demolitionist... being thrown and exploding.

As ammunition Edit

Liquid pyrite is used as ammunition for the Salvaged Demolishers:

  • Hurl Pyrite Barrel: Driver ability, Hurls an orb of blue pyrite into the distance, dealing damage, but consumes ammo.
  • Increased Speed: Passenger ability, Injects liquid pyrite into the engines, increasing movement speed by 100%. Lasts 20 sec.

Notes Edit

  • Liquid Pyrite is actually considered a NPC, although it behaves much more like an object. This was probably necessary so it could be picked up by the vehicles.
  • Salvaged Demolishers start with a full tank of pyrite. When they use a repair station, this also maximizes their pyrite store.

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