Objectives Edit

Kill 8 Blackrock Spies.


The invading orcs aren't fools. They are sizing us up, making sure that when they attack it will be to their advantage.

In the forest, to the northwest, are Blackrock spies. They peer at us through spyglasses, watching our every move - waiting. I want you take the fight to them!

Kill the Blackrock spies! We must show them that we know they are watching us and that we are prepared!


Excellent work, <name>. You've turned out to be quite an asset to this garrison. It's time for you to train!


Quest progressionEdit

1. Beating them Back!
2. Lions for Lambs
3. Consecrated Letter
4. The Power of the Light
5. Join the Battle!
6. They Sent Assassins
7. The Rear is Clear
8. Blackrock Invasion
9. Ending the Invasion!
10 Report to Goldshire