Lightning Well Legguards

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For the heroic version of this item see [Lightning Well Legguards].
  • of the Feverflare - +511 Stamina, +301 Intellect, +208 Haste Rating, +208 Mastery Rating
  • of the Fireflash - +511 Stamina, +301 Intellect, +208 Critical Strike Rating, +208 Haste Rating
  • of the Undertow - +511 Stamina, +301 Intellect, +208 Haste Rating, +208 Spirit
  • of the Wavecrest - +511 Stamina, +301 Intellect, +208 Mastery Rating, +208 Spirit

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This item is looted from the Heart of Wind chest after Al'Akir is defeated in the Throne of the Four Winds raid instance on normal mode.

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