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AllianceNPC 32Lightning
Title <Thordun's Mount>
Gender Female
Race Gryphon (Beast)
Level 84
Health 64,496
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Wildhammer clan
Location Twilight Shore & Highbank, Twilight Highlands
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Lightning is the mount of Thordun Hammerblow, injured and having fallen from the skies within the woods[67.8, 65.9] of the Twilight Shores in the Twilight Highlands. Whether injured by the weapons along the shore or not is uncertain. Alliance players encounter her after Lieutenant Emry spots her fall. After helping to nurse her back to health, she carries players and Thordun back to Highbank. Her whereabouts after that are unclear.


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Facts about "Lightning"RDF feed
GenderFemale +
NPC factionAlliance +
NPC level84 +
Patch date23 November 2010 +
RaceGryphon +
TitleThordun's Mount +

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