Lightforge Armor is the first Dungeon set for Paladins.

Source Edit

ItemBindDropped byFound in
[Lightforge Belt]BoETrash mobsStratholme
[Lightforge Boots]BoPBalnazzarStratholme
[Lightforge Bracers]BoETrash mobsScholomance
[Lightforge Breastplate]BoPGeneral DrakkisathUpper Blackrock Spire
[Lightforge Gauntlets]BoETimmy the CruelStratholme
[Lightforge Helm]BoPDarkmaster GandlingScholomance
[Lightforge Legplates]BoPBaron RivendareStratholme
[Lightforge Spaulders]BoPThe BeastUpper Blackrock Spire


Items Edit

Lightforge Armor
Inv belt 11
Inv boots plate 03
Inv bracer 14
Inv chest plate03
Inv gauntlets 19
Inv helmet 08
Inv pants 04
Inv shoulder 10

Notes Edit

See also: Set look alikes

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