Lieutenant Valorcall is a level 38 human based in the Arathi Highlands. He's the cavalry leader of Stromgarde. He can be found patrolling the road just outside Stromgarde on horseback, alongside two bodyguards. He rides all the way to Dabyrie's Farmstead and back to Stromgarde again. Zengu wants the sigil that Valorcall carries.

As of Patch 2.3, he is no longer an elite mob.




Valorcall and his men are virtually Rogue-proof. If Valorcall is Sapped, they will wait for him. If one of his bodyguards is Sapped, then Valorcall and his one remaining bodyguard will carry on. However, if the bodyguard left behind is slain, then a new one will spawn with Valorcall and the other bodyguard.

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