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Leviathan Defense Turrets are part of the defense systems of the Combat 15 Flame Leviathan. They are located on top of the moving Leviathan, and can only be hit by a player who has been thrown onto the top of the huge machine from a Salvaged Demolisher.

The turrets actively defend themselves by shooting Inv misc missilelarge red Searing Flame, causing 425-575 Fire damage per shot. In Normal mode there are two Defense Turrets on top of the Leviathan, while in Heroic mode there are four.

Destroying all Leviathan Defense Turrets will cause the players on top to be parachuted onto the ground and will initiate a temporary System Shutdown in the Leviathan, causing it to stop, lose its Gathering Speed buff, and take 50% more damage during the duration of the stun. The turrets will respawn once the Leviathan finishes repairing itself and begins moving again.

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