Achievement level 80 Neutral 15 Level 80 10 Money achievement
Reach level 80.

This achievement is achieved when the player reaches Level 80.


  1. Money achievement Level 10
  2. Money achievement Level 20
  3. Money achievement Level 30
  4. Money achievement Level 40
  5. Money achievement Level 50
  6. Money achievement Level 60
  7. Money achievement Level 70
  8. Money achievement Level 80
  9. Money achievement Level 85


Upon completing this achievement, you will receive the following letter in the mail:

Level 80

Congratulations on your conviction to reach the 80th season of adventure. You are undoubtedly dedicated to the cause of ridding Azeroth of the evils which have plagued us.

And while the journey thus far has been no minor feat, the true battle lies ahead.

Fight on!


This message is accompanied by a [Magically Wrapped Gift].


Nymh - Drek'thar (FR) was the first player to reach level 80 on 2008-11-14, 27 hours after the WotLK-Release.[1]

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