This is a helpful article to anyone interested in making a level 19 Paladin twink.

Talent PointsEdit

  • Holy Spec - 5 Points in Divine Intellect and 5 points in Spiritual Focus, There really is no alternative, these are the only talents available at 19 that directly effect your effectiveness as a healer.


Since level 19 is the most popular twinking level, here is a list of gear preferable to twinks of that level. With any twink, its best to start gearing as soon as possible to ensure that you have all you need prior to reaching 19.

Armor Edit

Protadin SetEdit

This set is built primarily for Stamina and secondly for Intellect. It is designed to make the most of the attributes that help you escape the enemy team. Some people may think "Why use Leather or Cloth?", but these items give you the greatest stat boost and the damage mitigation you lose is minimal compared to what you gain.

  • Chest

**[Blackened Defias Armor] (BoP); with [Enchant Chest - Greater Stats]. **[Tunic Of Westfall] (BoP); with [Enchant Chest - Greater Stats].

  • Rings

Healadin SetEdit

Based on personal preference or skill, there's a lot of room for variation in a healing set.

Shockadin SetEdit

A shockadin is the right specc for you if you would like to heal well and still do significant damage in WSG. Use these armor/weapon recommendations to help you build your Shockadin twink.

Retadin SetEdit

Weapons and ShieldsEdit


  • Jewelcrafting - Allows the use of [Heavy Stone Statue]. Though it doesn't heal for a lot, it is an advantage over items made from other professions which can be freely traded and therefore can be made on alts. The statue, however, is Bind on Pickup.


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