Inv letter 13


This item is provided for Alliance 15 [13] The Tower of Althalaxxω τ ϖ.

Letter to Delgren as a quest objectiveEdit

This item is an objective of Alliance 15 [13] The Tower of Althalaxxω τ ϖ.


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Master Delgren,

It is as you feared. Your theory about the Tower of Althalaxx has proven true. A cult has gathered at the tower with many warlocks amongst their number, including even a foul satyr. They call themselves the Cult of the Dark Strand. I cannot imagine what vile purpose brings them together, but it worries me.

Please forgive the terseness in which I have composed this missive, but danger lurks in the forest around me, and I can spare few words to describing the situation. I

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would deliver this message to you myself, but I fear to leave, lest I miss some event of great import.

Should you wish to know more of my observations on the Tower of Althalaxx, the bearer of this message has provided no small amount of assistance to me, and I believe <he/she> can be trusted.

In haste, Balthule Shadowstrike

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