Lestharia Vashj

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Neutral 32Lestharia Vashj
Race Highborne (Humanoid)
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Lady Vashj (daughter)

Lestharia Vashj was, according to a plaque on her statue, the matron and benevolent leader of Vashj'ir. She is the mother of Lady Vashj.

Objective of


The only known record about her can be found in the Quel'Dormir Gardens within the Ruins of Vashj'ir in the form of a statue to her honor.

Lestharia Vashj

This monument stands testament to the benevolent leadership of our beloved Matron Lestharia Vashj. For a hundred years, she has ushered the people of her gleaming city, Vashj'ir into an age of endless prosperity. May she and her daughter, the radiant Lady Vashj, continue to light the way of our people in our darkest nights for a hundred years to come.

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