Leryssa is a human located in Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra region of Northrend. She is the sister of Thassarian. Leryssa is involved in the following quests:

  1. Quest Complete 16x16 Alliance 15 [70] Word on the Street
  2. Quest Avail 16x16 Alliance 15 [70] Thassarian, My Brother
  3. Quest Complete 16x16 Alliance 15 [70] The Late William Allerton
  4. Quest Avail 16x16 Alliance 15 [70] Lost and Found


Event in Borean TundraEdit

  • "Thassarian, you're alive!"
  • "I thought you were dead."
  • "Don't leave me again! You want to fight for your country; but they don't even want you. They sent you here to die!"
  • "I know that look in your eye. I'm not going to be able to talk you out of this. If you die on me again..."

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