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The Legionnaire's Sword is PvP reward item for the Horde from the Warsong Outriders. It is a gradated weapon: several versions exist, each with their own stats and level requirements.

item level damage dps strength stamina cost
[Legionnaire's Sword] 18 28-53 15.0 +4 +2 300 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Legionnaire's Sword] 28 40-75 21.3 +7 +3 400 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Legionnaire's Sword] 38 55-103 29.3 +8 +3 500 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Legionnaire's Sword] 48 66-124 35.2 +11 +5 700 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
[Legionnaire's Sword] 58 78-146 41.5 +13 +5 6000 Pvpcurrency-honor-both


The Legionnaire's Sword is sold by Kelm Hargunth at Mor'shan Base Camp in the Barrens.

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