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Legion Assaults are the counter-attacks of the Burning Legion that are coming with Patch 7.2. Though they function similarly to the Legion Invasions, they will only take place on the Broken Isles and will be accessible via the World quest system.

During the Assault, Legion forces will descend upon the zones and players will have the opportunity to fight against the demons. Once the smaller units are taken care of, a larger demon (a "target of opportunity") will show on the map. Encounters can range from Elite bosses to areas taken over by Fel or even some ‘Impvasions’. When a zone is under assault, each world quest will count toward that zone's Emissary quest.

In the initial Legion Invasions, defeating this boss would result in the end of the invasion; in the Assaults, however, players are able to take their attacks one step further, to the ships in the skies above. Unlike Invasions, Legion Assaults don't advance for all players at the same time and each player will be able to defend each stage of the Assault.

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  • While the Assault is underway in the zone, normal world quests will be unavailable. Assault-centric world quests will appear instead.

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