Lava Bursters are a type of worm found within both the Ashen Fields[48, 67]
and Magma Springs[43, 49]
of the Molten Front. They are especially worrisome to those defending Malfurion's Breach, as they have the ability to tunnel beneath the druids' defenses to wreak havoc.

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  • Spell fire moltenblood  [Lava Shower]ω ϖ (2 second cast) 40 yd range—Creates a crescent of flame that does 48262 to 50737 Fire damage to enemies in a frontal arc.


While their Lava Spit isn't so much of an issue, players that are inattentive may find their health drops very quickly with the Lava Shower. This is especially true when mobs are packed close together and players are merely passing through the combat areas.

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