Lash of Pain

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Lash of Pain
Spell shadow curse
  • Lash of Pain
  • Meleerange
  • 12 sec cooldown
  • Instant
  • An instant attack that lashes the target, causing X Shadow damage.
Usable by
Cooldown12 sec
Other information

Lash of Pain is an ability of the Warlock's Succubus pet that deals Shadow damage to the enemy. It is instant-cast, and has a 12-second cooldown.

Rank table

Rank Level Damage
1 20 33
2 28 44
3 36 60
4 44 73
5 52 87
6 60 99
7 68 123
8 60 193
9 68 237

Talent Improvement

Improved Lash of Pain reduces the ability's cooldown by 3 / 6 seconds.


As it has a 5-yard range, Lash of Pain is basically an extra melee attack for the Succubus. It can crit (and seems to do so more often when the Succubus attacks from invisibility) and can be resisted.

This ability is usually best set to auto-cast; the AI will just use it on the Succubus's targeted enemy as often as possible.

Casting Curse of the Elements on the target will increase damage done. The amount of damage done by the spell is proportional to the +spell damage gear of the warlock and will benefit from the school of magic with the highest +damage.

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