This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Larohir was the quick-speaking, intelligent general who succeeded Restalaan as Velen's lieutenant. When Velen wanted to completely abandon Shattrath City, last holdout of the draenei, Larohir convinced him against it. Larohir knew enough draenei had to stay behind to be slaughtered to protect the rest, because if the orcs (and Kil'jaeden) weren't convinced they had wiped out the draenei they would never stop hunting them down. Velen reluctantly agreed, and Larohir is presumed to have perished in the battle of Shattrath City.[1] (RotH 321)


  • Larohir can be seen briefly in the background and slightly out-of-focus in the Lords of War video for Maraad (at 1:53).[2]