Lar'korwi is a raptor found near the Eastern Crystal Pylon in Un'Goro Crater. Lar'korwi can be summoned at the Un'Goro Flat Rock using Preserved Pheromone Mixture and Preserved Threshadon Meat.

Torwa Pathfinder wants Lar'korwi's head.



Torwa Pathfinder explainsEdit

Who is this Lar'korwi you spoke of?

The ravasaur here in Un'goro seems to be related to the raptors of the barrens-- highly intelligent, volatile, and with a sense or code of conduct. The Greatest of there that I have encountered is Lar'korwi. He is one of the most dangerous beasts I've ever seen. In taurahe, Lar'korwi means "Sharp Claw," but that does not do him justice.
Do not underestimate Lar'korwi if you ever plan on hunting him, but I will help you in any way I can if you do.

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