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Lands of Azeroth

Lands of Azeroth

Lands of Azeroth seems to be have been a book that was canceled and later split into Lands of Conflict and/or Lands of Mystery. It was to have been released in April of 2004, the 5th book in the series, after Dungeons & Dragons Warcraft The Roleplaying Game, Manual of Monsters, Alliance & Horde Compendium, and Magic & Mayhem.

It is advertised at the end of the book Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game.

"Travel beyond the wastelands of Southern Kalimdor; visit the ghost haunted-remnants of the human nation of Lordaeron; journey to the Ironforge dwarves' thriving homeland; take the war to the enemy in Northrend; explore the wonders and horrors beneath the Maelstrom. This campign setting sorucebook presents the emntierety of Azeroth — the World of Warcraft — as well as an up-to-date history of events from the world's birth to its current tumultuous state."

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