Lake Spirits can be found in the lake southwest of the Throne of the Elements[60, 22]
in Nagrand.

Abilities Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level School
Spell frost frostbolt Water Bolt20Frost

Quest Edit

BattlemastergossipiconName Level Side Rewards Type
Quest:Agitated Spirits of Skysong64Neutral11000 XP objective_of

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Source Slot Drop%
Inv datacrystal02 [Elemental Shard]1DropJunk80.8
Inv elemental mote water01 [Mote of Water]65Drop, VendorElemental19.0
Inv datacrystal11 [Primordial Core]1DropJunk18.8
Inv enchant dustvision [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample]65DropJunk7.1
Inv enchant dustvision [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample]65DropJunk5.9
Spell nature acid 01 [Essence of Water]55Crafted, DropElemental0.9
Inv misc ornatebox [Eternium Lockbox]60DropJunk0.1

0.06% Chance of an Uncommon drop.
0.02% Chance of a poor drop.
Note: % drop chance was correct at the time the page was generated/created.

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