For the tactics against her in the Throne of the Tides, see Lady Naz'jar (tactics).
Lady Naz'jar is a naga quest giver encountered by players while they are on the Naz'jar Battlemaiden quest chains in the Shimmering Expanse. She is first found at Quel'Dormir Gardens[39, 59]
, but can be found in other places within the ruins as the storyline progresses, including Nar'shola Terrace[29.1, 78.6]

Based on her brief skirmish with Neptulon, it can be presumed that she is the most powerful Naga Sea Witch since she was able to fight the Tidehunter in a magical duel to a standstill, right before summoning Ozumat (who also happened to be under her direct control) to capture him. Considering this, it is plausible that Queen Azshara's own abilities could be considered godlike (over ten thousand years ago in the War of the Ancients, the Pit Lord Mannaroth once described the level of the monarch's powers as only just slightly below that of Archimonde's).

In addition to being the strongest among her fellow Sea Witches, magically speaking anyway, she also possesses the most unique design in color coding of her in-game model.


Quel'Dormir Gardens
Nar'shola Terrace
Biel'aran Ridge
Quel'Dormir Terrace


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