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Lady Idunel before the Draenor incident.

The legend of Lady Idunel began to be mentioned in early Bc icon Burning Crusade by a player named Kalithusa (character has been deleted in Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Lich King by a hacker, and hasn't been recovered)[citation needed] who saw a Draenei sorceress who wandered about in the Hellfire Peninsula, but in a spirit form. She kept sputtering the quotes Have you seen Ishanah? Milady will be displeased, if I'm not back to the sanctum. A speculation has been mentioned that Lady Idunel was either a relative or a friend of Priestess Ishanah, of the Aldor in Shattrath City, highly unsual considering the section of the city itself were mostly made up of priests and paladins.

Idunel's heroism Edit

Before dying on Draenor, it is said that Idunel and her sister, her name unknown to this day, had saved hundreds of Draenei refugees who were stranded in the Peninsula as demons attacked, although her victory was shortened when a demon cleaved her, leaving her headless. Her sister was slain in Azeroth, at the Bloodmyst Isle, to this day nobody knew who she was, or how this lore turned up online.

Hoax or factual? Edit

Although seemingly real, with the authenticity of Idunel's history, it has been proven that 'Kalithusa' had made the story up, to confuse her friends about the history of World of Warcraft. People sometimes still wander about in Hellfire Peninsula, looking for a shifty and faded Draenei, who had been displaced by time.