Kurran Steele is a level 10 cloth and leather armor vendor located in Goldshire in the human starting zone of Elwynn Forest. He is probably related to Corina Steele.

See List of Elwynn Forest NPCs.


Kurran Steele
<Cloth & Leather Armor Merchant>
Item Cost Type
Inv belt 06 [Knitted Belt] 1Silver 45Copper Cloth
Inv bracer 03 [Knitted Bracers] 1Silver 46Copper Cloth
Inv gauntlets 18 [Knitted Gloves] 1Silver 39Copper Cloth
Inv pants 11 [Knitted Pants] 2Silver 80Copper Cloth
Inv boots fabric 01 [Knitted Sandals] 2Silver 8Copper Cloth
Inv shirt 10 [Knitted Tunic] 2Silver 81Copper Cloth
Inv belt 26 [Rough Leather Belt] 1Silver 85Copper Leather
Inv boots 09 [Rough Leather Boots] 2Silver 64Copper Leather
Rough Leather Bracers 1Silver 85Copper Leather
Inv gauntlets 18 [Rough Leather Gloves] 1Silver 77Copper Leather
Inv pants 09 [Rough Leather Pants] 3Silver 55Copper Leather
Rough Leather Vest 3Silver 56Copper Leather

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