This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Kur'kul was once a shaman of the powerful Blackrock clan on Draenor prior to the corruption of the orcish race. When the elements abandonded the shaman, Kil'jaeden offered to teach Gul'dan the path of the warlock so that he may teach the shaman. The shaman of the Blackrock clan were chosen to be the first trained in the dark arts. Kur'kul and the others learned quickly and soon demonstrated their powers to the other chieftans and shaman, to most of their approvals. Kur'kul was later sent by Blackhand to the clans, aging all children between the ages of six and twelve to adulthood, in order to increase the Horde's numbers. When he arrived at the Frostwolf camp and informed Durotan of what was to be done, the chieftan was horrified, but could not protest without placing his clan at risk of exile. Once his orders were carried out Durotan ordered Kur'kul to leave immediately.[1] (RotH 229-233)

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