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Krol Blade is a main hand sword that is highly sought after by hunters and rogues and also death knights and demon hunters, the damage is good and it looks neat, yes, that do not raid, thanks to its high top damage and bonus to critical chance.

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The blade is a world drop of no more than 0.01% chance.

Krol Blade TCG

"Before the plague, the farmers of Lordaeron wielded pitchforks. Now they wield Krol Blades".

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  • It is believed this item was named after Blizzard programmer Monte Krol, a Lead Tools Programmer and voice actor for the game.
  • There was a joke on some servers involving Krol Blade, often linked to Chuck Norris or used to replace words in sentences which usually ended in a massive amount of spam. People also seemed to randomly spam Krol Blade numerous times, for no apparent reason.

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