Kristoff Manheim[27, 40]
is a human quest giver located within Gar'gol's Hovel in Mount Hyjal. He can be found in the back of the cave after taking the path to the left, hanging from a chain. Apparently Royce Duskwhisper sent him there on a suicide mission.



Kristoff Manheim says: Okay, let's do this! You fight the ogres, and I will...not fight them. Head for the exit!


Hello, <class>. I imagine you have a lot of questions.

Suffice it to say that Royce Duskwhisper sent me into the middle of an ogre cave for some "Eye of Twilight" jib-job, and it hasn't gone well.

If I ever get my hands on that lanky, heartless, mealy-mouthed little night elf...

<Kristoff wriggles helplessly as he dangles in the air, his face reddening.>

So how is your research into the Eye coming along?

<Name>, <name>. Can I call you <name>?

I am hanging from a meathook in the back of an ogre cave.

How do you THINK my research is progressing, you pompous dirt-sucking ass-<class>? C'mere! C'mere you son of a swineherd!

<Kristoff flutters back and forth on his chain, trying desperately to kick you in the face.>

Um, no. Would you mind hanging out a little longer? I have some stuff I need to take care of first.

You... WHAT?

Come over here and say that!

<Kristoff kicks and flails his limbs in a frothing rage, his head twisting around to glare at you.>

So help me, I will - I am going to - I will knock your brains out! I will fill the empty cavity left behind with my boot! Come here! GET BACK HERE!

<Kristoff strains to grasp your neck, his fingers waggling inches from your face.>

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