Kristen Dipswitch is a level 63 quest giver located at the Nesingwary Safari in the contested territory of Nagrand. She is only available at certain times, when she is not off hunting for skins. She will come walking out of Windyreed Pass, and get attacked by an assassin at the safari.

If she is rescued, she starts her quest Neutral 15 [65] I'm Saved!.

See List of Nagrand NPCs.

Notes Edit

She has a respawn time of 1.5 hours.

Patch changes Edit

Bc icon Patch 2.4.3 (2008-07-15): Name changed from Kristen DeMeza to Kristen Dipswitch.

Trivia Edit

Her previous name, Kristen DeMeza, is a reference to former Blizzard employee Caydiem (KDM = Cay-di-em) who was in charge of world events and a regular on the druid forums. The fact that she is "ganked" by Gankly Rottenfist is probably a reference to the fact that she was often assaulted by forum trolls or alternatively she represents the constant conflict between higher-leveled, well-geared players attacking low-leveled players that want to turn in quests.

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