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CombatMobElite 32Korv
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 60 Elite
Health 8,547
Mana 5,452
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Blackrock Depths
Status Killable
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Korv is a level 60 elite tauren shaman, and is part of Theldren's team of gladiators at the Blackrock Depths arena.


  • Drink Healing Potion - Uses a Holy elixir to heal the caster. Has been observed in-game to restore 1881 hit points.
  • Frost Shock - Inflicts Frost damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed for 8 sec.
  • War Stomp - Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec.
  • Windyfury Totem - Summons a Windfury Totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster. The totem enchants all party members main-hand weapons with wind, if they are within <unknown> yards. Each hit has a 20% chance of granting the attacker <unknown> (apparently 2) extra attack with <unknown> extra attack power. Lasts 1.50 min.
  • Earthbind Totem - Summons an Earthbind Totem that lasts 45 sec. and periodically reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies to 50% of normal.
  • Lesser Healing Wave - Heals a friendly target for 832 to 928.
  • Purge - Purges the enemy target, removing 2 beneficial magic effects.


"Korv" happens to be the Swedish word for "sausage".

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