Koristrasza is a level 43 elite quest giver found in Razorfen Downs. She appears near the entrance after players zone in.

Since the Warlords of Draenor, she returned to the downs once again as the phylactery of Amnennar wasn't destroyed. As a dragon she battled against the Death Speaker Blackthorn who was working on a way to bring the lich back. After he was killed, Amnennar rose once again. After the lich is killed, his phylactery is taken by Koristrasza to the Red dragonflight to find a way to destroy the object.

See Razorfen Downs NPCs.

Koristrasza is a level 43 elite quest giver found in Razorfen Downs. She appears near the entrance after players zone in.

See Razorfen Downs NPCs.

Abilities Edit

Koristrasza using Koristrasza's Breath.

  • Koristrasza's Breath — Sprays the Coldbringer with powerful jets of flame


  • [44D] Cure the Scourge 
  • [44D] Partners in Crime 
  • [46D] The Coldbringer 
  • [43D] Looming Threat 
  • [43D] Looming Threat 

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