Kolkar Stormseer can be found in Barrens. Spawns during the Horde 15 [20] Counterattack! event.


  • Spell fire flare  [Fling Torch]ω ϖSet fire on nearby buildings
  • Spell nature lightning  [Lightning Bolt]ω ϖBlasts an enemy with lightning, inflicting Nature damage.
  • Spell nature callstorm  [Lightning Cloud]ω ϖCreates a cloud of lightning that lasts 15 sec., blasting all enemies in a selected area for Nature damage every 5 sec.

Drops Edit

Items Level Type Slot Drop %
Inv fabric linen 01 [Linen Cloth] 5 Cloth 57%
Inv misc food 18 [Haunch of Meat] 5 Consumable 7%
Inv bracer 08 [Centaur Bracers] 1 Quest 5%
Inv drink milk 01 [Ice Cold Milk] 5 Consumable 3%
Inv potion 50 [Lesser Healing Potion] 3 Consumable 2%
Inv potion 70 [Minor Mana Potion] 5 Consumable 1%

Pickpocket Edit

Items Level Type Slot Drop %
Inv misc food 18 [Haunch of Meat] 5 Consumable 11%
Inv misc bone 01 [Gnawed Bone] 1 Junk 7%


Objective: Bring 15Inv bracer 08 [Centaur Bracers] to Regthar Deathgate.

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