Kolkar Packhound can be found in The Barrens. Kolkar Packhound can be tamed by a hunter. They will always be at the side of a Kolkar Pack Runner, but the Packhound will not be flagged as the Pack Runner's pet.

Drops Edit

Battlemastergossipicon Level Type Slot Drop %
Inv misc bone 08 [Fractured Canine] 1 Junk 63.06%
Inv gauntlets 02 [Rabbit's Foot] 5 Junk 31.13%

1.18% Chance of an Uncommon drop.
0.61% Chance of a common drop.
0.04% Chance of a poor drop.
Note: % drop chance was correct at the time the page was generated/created. This will not be updated.

Skinning Edit

Inv misc pelt wolf 01 Level Drop%
Inv misc leatherscrap 03 [Light Leather] 10 60.51%
Inv misc pelt bear ruin 05 [Ruined Leather Scraps] 5 34.21%
Inv misc pelt wolf ruin 02 [Light Hide] 10 5.27%

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