Kodohide Leatherworkers

Kodohide Leatherworkers

Kodohide Leatherworkers before the Cataclysm

Kodohide Leatherworkers[61.0, 54.6] is a leatherworking shop on the lower area of The Drag in Orgrimmar near the entrance to the Valley of Honor.


  • Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Morgum <Leather Armor Merchant>
  • Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Tamar <Leatherworking Supplies>
  • Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Handor <Cloth & Leather Armor Merchant>
  • Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Thuwd <Skinning Trainer>
  • Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male Karolek <Leatherworking Trainer>
  • Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Female Kamari <Apprentice Leatherworker>

Patch changesEdit

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