Kobolds of Elwynn Forest

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This article is about the nameless clan of kobolds. For the race, see Kobold.
Neutral 32 Kobolds of Elwynn Forest
Fargodeep Mine
Fargodeep Mine
Main leaderGoldtooth
Race(s)IconSmall Kobold Kobold
Base of operationsEcho Ridge Mine, Fargodeep Mine, Jangolode Mine, Jasperlode Mine
Theater of operationsElwynn Forest, Westfall

The kobolds of Elwynn Forest are a clan[1] of kobolds found in both the Elwynn Forest and Westfall. They are working with the Defias Brotherhood.[2][3]

Some of them carry Gold Dust and Large Candles.[4][5] Their leader, a big, gold-toothed kobold named Goldtooth, is in possession of Bernice's Necklace.[6]

Known membersEdit

Neutral 15IconSmall Kobold Goldtooth Leader Killable Fargodeep Mine, Elwynn Forest
Neutral 15IconSmall Kobold Master Digger Master digger Killable Jangolode Mine, Westfall
Neutral 15IconSmall Kobold Narg Taskmaster Killable Fargodeep Mine, Elwynn Forest
Neutral 15IconSmall Kobold Ruklar Trapper Killable Outside Jasperlode Mine, Elwynn Forest



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