Kirix is a rare spider that spawns on the perimeter of the Furnace[26, 62]
of the Molten Front, skittering quickly around its western edge.


  • CC abilities do not work here.
  • One way to tame Kirix is to first make certain you are using [Aspect of the Wild]. When you pull him, he will use a knockback ability - use your [Disengage] at the height of this. [Deterrence] when you land + [Tame Beast]. Anything that adds to haste will be useful here, as the lower your health pool is, the higher likelihood the tame will fail.
  • Another method is to employ the floating rocks in the area to tame from. You will still be hit by his special poison attack.
  • For those wanting the skin but not the challenge, some Cinderweb Broodlings reportedly spawn within the Widow's Clutch[65, 42]
    . There are two types: one kind that spawns from the Scout's body (not tamable) and another kind that quickly move through the area. The latter are rare to find.

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