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Kirin Tor Familiar is a non-combat pet that is obtained by completing the Money achievement Higher Learning achievement. It is given by Neutral 15 Archmage Vargoth, last seen in Kirin'Var Village in Outland.

Once the achievement has been earned, you will receive Inv misc book 11 [The Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery] which will teleport you to the spire. The pet is not bought but rather "thrown" into the players inventory after speaking to Vargoth.

Strategy Edit

For strategy information, see Money achievement Higher Learning and The Schools of Arcane Magic.

Fun FactEdit

The idle animations for this companion are similar to the voidwalker's with the addition of spastic arcane explosions periodically. Unlike the laser beam from Sleepy Willy's eye, there does not appear to be an obvious trigger.

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