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Alliance 32 The Kirin Tor
Kirin Tor tabard
Main leaderAntonidas (formerly)
Ansirem Runeweaver (formerly)
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin (formerly)
IconSmall Jaina Jaina (current)
Secondary leadersCouncil of Six
Race(s)IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
IconSmall HighElf Male AltIconSmall HighElf Female High elf
IconSmall Gnome MaleIconSmall Gnome Female Gnome
IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female Blood elf (formerly)
IconSmall HalfElf MaleIconSmall HalfElf Female Half-elf
IconSmall Highborne MaleIconSmall Highborne Female Highborne
CapitalThe Violet Citadel of Dalaran
Other major citiesNethergarde Keep, Kirin'Var Village, Ambermill, Transitus Shield, Violet Stand, Violet_Rise
Theater of operationsDalaran, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Isle of Thunder, Magic
Main languageCommon (presumed)
Secondary languagesGnomish, Thalassian (presumed)
AffiliationAlliance, Dalaran, The Violet Eye, Sorcerers' League, Mages' Guild, Kirin Tor Offensive, Silver Covenant
AlignmentLawful neutral
QuartermasterArchmage Alvareaux
TabardDalaran Tabard
Kirin Tor 64

The Kirin Tor (aka Magus Senate[1] or Magus Senate of Dalaran[1]) is a lawful neutral collection of the most powerful mages on Azeroth. The organization is a faction in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

History Edit

Following the establishment of the city-state of Dalaran, the magocrats formed the Kirin Tor as a specialized sect that was charged with cataloging and researching every spell, artifact, and magic item known to mankind at the time.

The Kirin Tor became the city’s ruling power. The Kirin Tor’s headquarters was the Violet Citadel, an impressive building so named for its stone walls which gave off a faint violet light. The ruling council, six members in all, met in the Chamber of the Air, a room with no visible walls — the gray stone floor with its central diamond symbol stood beneath an open sky that shifted and changed rapidly, as if the time sped past within the chamber.

Even the Kirin Tor, however, found itself powerless to stop Prince Arthas and his forces when he led the Scourge through Lordaeron. Arthas acquired the spellbook of Medivh and Kel'Thuzad used it to summon Archimonde, who destroyed Dalaran. The city was left in ruins. Some felt the devastation was well-deserved, since Kel’Thuzad had himself been one of the Kirin Tor (before he left to form the Scholomance). Since Kel’Thuzad was responsible for creating the Plague of Undeath and releasing the Scourge upon the world, many felt the Kirin Tor should share in the blame and the consequences.

The Kirin Tor refused to abandon their home, however. They returned to the ruins months later, destroying those few undead creatures that remained, and reclaimed their city. They erected a glowing dome around the entire city, powerful enough to destroy anyone who touches it, while they worked to rebuild their fallen city.[2][3]

Wrath of the Lich King Edit

0300Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

Eventually, the mages were able to lift the whole city from its site, leaving only a crater in its place. The Kirin Tor decided to move their floating city to Northrend, where they still rule over the reconstructed Dalaran. The Kirin Tor proclaimed themselves neutral in the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, and instead sought to help bridge the gaps between the two factions -- starting with reaching out to Quel'Thalas for magical support against Malygos, the crazed Aspect of Magic.[4]

The presence of the Kirin Tor was indeed met with deep-seated revilement from the crazed Malygos, who made numerous attempts to destroy the city.[5] Malygos, whose war on mortal magic users reached its crux during the war against the Lich King, would ultimately be put to death before his vengeance against the Kirin Tor could be fulfilled.

The elven population of the Kirin Tor underwent something of a split: the portion of the elves who converted to the blood elven philosophy took up the name "the Sunreavers," named for their leader, Aethas Sunreaver, the only (0500Mists-Logo-Small former) non-human on the Council of Six. Conversely, some high elven members opposed the notion of allowing the sin'dorei back into the Kirin Tor's ranks, and formed the Silver Covenant to oppose it. Its leader, Vereesa Windrunner, however, held no political sway within the city, thus leading to the blood elves officially being readmitted as members of the Kirin Tor.[6]

The Kirin Tor also assisted in the assault on Ulduar, working closely with Brann Bronzebeard and his Explorers' League to this end.

Tides of War Edit

0000WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Jaina Proudmoore urged the Kirin Tor to support Theramore against the Horde armies massing at Northwatch Hold. The council agreed to send mages to help defend the island nation. Aethas Sunreaver cast the decisive vote in support of Theramore, reasoning that to do nothing would be to implicitly support the Horde's expansionism.

When Garrosh's true plan: to detonate a mana bomb over Theramore, is revealed; Rhonin sacrifices his life by teleporting Jaina and a few wounded defenders to safety. Rhonin pulls the bomb into the Theramore Tower, minimizing the damage caused by the explosion.

In the aftermath, Jaina replaces Rhonin on the Council of Six and as leader of the Kirin Tor. Due to Thalen Songweaver's betrayal at the defense of Theramore, the Sunreavers' credibility has been damaged.

Mists of Pandaria Edit

0500Mists-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

After Jaina Proudmoore discovered that Sunreavers helped Garrosh Hellscream steal the Divine Bell by using Dalaran portals to infiltrate Darnassus, Jaina mobilized the Kirin Tor, Alliance forces, and the Silver Covenant to purge the Horde from Dalaran. After which, Jaina pledges the Kirin Tor to the Alliance. Yet, for game purposes, Dalaran remains unchanged after the questline is completed.

In Patch 5.2 The Kirin Tor Offensive offer help to the Shado-Pan order to destroy the united forces of the Zandalar Trolls and the Thunder King. Meanwhile Jaina tried to prove to the Shado-pan while the Alliance's Purpose is to destroy the Thunder King and defend Pandaria, the Horde seeks to claim the Thunder King's power for their own war-effort against the Alliance and the Pandaren (not knowing that, the Sunreaver Onslaught seeks to use it against Garrosh Hellscream, when the uprising will begin). As the result of this misunderstanding and the betrayal of the Sunreavers, the Kirin Tor Offensive often confronted with the Sunreaver Onslaught.

Organization Edit

The Kirin Tor is also referred to as the Magus Senate or Magocracy of Dalaran. They are divided in several levels of importance and influence.

The Kirin Tor has a ruling council of six archmagi, sometimes known as the Council of Six.[3] One of the members of the council is appointed the Head or the Leader of the Kirin Tor. He is seen as "Kirin Tor's true ruler, and the Sect's public face".[3][7][8] Except for the Head of the Kirin Tor, the rest of the ruling council member's identities are kept secret from everyone outside the council, with few exceptions until the destruction of Dalaran in the Third war.

Beneath the ruling council are the archmagi, each of whom is given tasks as the council sees fit. Archmagi do not hold specific positions or responsibilities, beyond the general loyalty to the Kirin Tor and to the world, and the standing obligation to study new human magic whenever it appears. In reality, however, some archmagi have been given the same tasks so often they have essentially assumed responsibility for those jobs. Thus one archmage might be in charge of cataloging all wands, while another handles researching and cataloging all illusions. Several work to monitor and maintain the city’s protective dome.[3]

Magi are the lowest members of the Kirin Tor, and answer to the archmagi. Any archmage in the sect can issue orders to a mage, provided the instructions still fit within the organization’s goals. As with archmagi, however, most magi settle into specific positions and tasks and work exclusively for one archmage. The ruling council can change this at any time but rarely does so, unless they feel a mage has become a problem in his current position, or if they need him for a different task. Most magi are allowed the freedom to pursue their tasks and studies in whatever manner they choose. Despite the fact that they are the lowest members in the hierarchy, many magi possess great power.[3]

Though their numbers have diminished, the remaining members of the Kirin Tor still rule over the remains of Dalaran.

One of the tasks of the Kirin Tor was to safeguard and wield the Eye of Dalaran in defense of their city. However, it was captured by the Horde for Ner'zhul, shortly after the end of the Second War.

Sub-Groups Edit

Membership Edit

Before the Scourge came, any human mage was welcome in Dalaran. They found peers and a place to stay and to work in peace. Magi with an eye for detail and a strong focus on research were offered membership in the Kirin Tor. This process could take anywhere from a few months to several years — the ruling council did not invite magi until it was sure of their abilities and allegiances. The Kirin Tor became even more cautious about admittance after Kel'Thuzad defected and took many other magi with him.[3]

Reputation Edit

Aside from championing, Kirin Tor reputation can also be gained by completing Dungeon and Heroic Dungeon dailies, and Dalaran (cooking, jewelcrafting and fishing) dailies.

Most classes start at a neutral standing with the Kirin Tor. Mages, however, automatically start at friendly level with them. Because of this, it is possible for a mage to obtain the Tabard of the Kirin Tor at level 1.

Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
Daily Fishing
325 Sholazar Basin
325 Dalaran (Underbelly)
325 Wintergrasp
Neutral 15 [80] Disarmed! (R)
325 Dalaran (Violet Hold)
325 Borean Tundra
Drop Item
325 From [Bag of Fishing Treasures]
Daily Cooking
Neutral 15 [65] Sewer Stew (R)
195 Crystalsong Forest
195 Dalaran
195 Dalaran
195 Dalaran (Underbelly)
195 Dalaran
Daily Jewelcrafting
32.5 Dalaran
32.5 Dalaran
32.5 Dalaran
32.5 Dalaran
32.5 Dalaran
32.5 Dalaran
Quests ~11k See below

When you reach exalted status with the Kirin Tor, the achievement The Kirin Tor is awarded.

Rewards Edit

Archmage Alvareaux
<Kirin Tor Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly [Tabard of the Kirin Tor] 1Gold Tabard
Honored [Arcanum of the Flame's Soul] 150Gold Arcanum
[Helm of the Majestic Stag] 25Gold 80Silver Leather Head
[Lightblade Rivener] 65Gold 96Silver 36Copper Dagger
[Shroud of Dedicated Research] 19Gold 86Silver 36Copper Cloak
[Spaulders of Grounded Lightning] 31Gold 21Silver 30Copper Mail Shoulder
Revered [Arcanum of Burning Mysteries] 150Gold Arcanum
[Flameheart Spell Scalpel] 74Gold 12Silver 9Copper Dagger
[Girdle of the Warrior Magi] 26Gold 37Silver 52Copper Plate Waist
[Mind-Expanding Leggings] 37Gold 86Silver 93Copper Leather Legs
[Stave of Shrouded Mysteries] 92Gold 98Silver 20Copper Staff
Exalted [Boots of Twinkling Stars] 46Gold 13Silver 26Copper Mail Feet
[Fireproven Gauntlets] 36Gold 5Silver 39Copper Plate Hands
[Ghostflicker Waistband] 25Gold 42Silver 75Copper Leather Waist
[Robes of Crackling Flame] 40Gold 53Silver 90Copper Cloth Chest
[Design: Runed Scarlet Ruby] 4Gold Jewelcrafting
[Pattern: Sapphire Spellthread] 5Gold Tailoring

Named Edit

Being a collection of the greatest mages in the land, the Kirin Tor naturally has many members who have had significant effects on the history of Azeroth, including both great wizards and those who delved too deeply into necromancy, demonology, and other warlock magics.

Name Role Condition
IconSmall Gnome Male Alec Alive
IconSmall Human Male Allistarj (former) Former member of the Kirin Tor, enslaved by Razelikh the Defiler Killable
IconSmall Human Female Alonda Maintained the Kirin Tor bestiaries Unknown
IconSmall Human Male Alvareaux Kirin Tor quartermaster Alive
IconSmall Antonidas Antonidas Leader of the Kirin Tor during the Second and Third Wars; killed by Arthas Menethil Deceased
IconSmall Human Male Anzim Alive
IconSmall Nielas Nielas Aran Court Conjurer of Stormwind, and archmage of the Kirin Tor, and Acolyte of the Order of Tirisfal. Deceased, Undead
IconSmall Undead Male Gunther Arcanus (former) Thinking to be the only free undead, he's hiding in Gunther's Retreat. Alive
IconSmall Human Male Archus Alive
IconSmall Human Male Arrexis Member of the Order of Tirisfal; killed by demons Deceased
IconSmall Arugal Arugal (former) Former member of the Kirin Tor, responsible for summoning the Worgen; later turned to the Scourge Killable
IconSmall Human Male Ataeric Overseer of Ambermill Killable
IconSmall Human Male Austin Alive
IconSmall Human Female Baratea Recent member of the Kirin Tor Alive
IconSmall Human Male Librarian Belleford Alive
IconSmall Human Female Belmara (former) Abjurist of Kirin'Var Village, killed by Kael'thas' forces Undead
IconSmall Human Female Calandra Alive
IconSmall Human Male The Chooch Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male Dath'omere Alive
IconSmall Human Male Dathric (former) Battle-Mage of Kirin'Var Village, killed by Kael'thas' forces Undead
IconSmall Human Female Delth Requested tomes of elven history from Medivh's library Unknown
IconSmall Human Male Dieworth (former) Killed by Kael'thas' forces in Kirin'Var Village Undead
IconSmall Human Male Donathan Alive
IconSmall Human Male Drenden Member of the Six Unknown
IconSmall Human Female Elandra Attempts to stop a rogue Sunsworn mage (Kaelynara Sunchaser) at the Jorune Mine in Talador. Also Appears along-side Jaina Proudmoore in the Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron. Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male Fabioso the Fabulous Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female Emeline Fizzlefry Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female Bitty Frostflinger Alive
IconSmall Gnome Male Cohlien Frostweaver (former) Mage of Kirin'Var Village, killed by Kael'thas' forces Undead
IconSmall Human Male Garren Alive
IconSmall Human Male Ginsberg Alive
IconSmall High Elf Female Goldlilly Gleamingfell Alive
IconSmall Human Male Fansy Goodbringer Alive
IconSmall Human Female Grezla the Hag Alive
IconSmall Human Male Guzbah Khadgar's first instructor; killed by demons Deceased
IconSmall High Elf Female Haelenai Alive
IconSmall Human Male Halister Alive
IconSmall Human Male Han'al Master Lorekeeper Alive
IconSmall Human Female Hollister Alive
IconSmall Undead Male Bethor Iceshard (former) Killed by the Scourge, now a Forsaken. Alive
IconSmall High Elf Female Ilsudria Alive
IconSmall Blood Elf Female Kaelana Alive
IconSmall Human Male Karina Alive
IconSmall Human Female Linda Ann Kastinglow Alive
IconSmall Human Female Kath'leen Alive
IconSmall Kel&#039;Thuzad Kel'Thuzad (former) Member of the Six, turned to the Scourge Killable
IconSmall Khadgar Khadgar Apprentice to Medivh, Supreme Commander of the Alliance Expedition, advisor to A'dal Alive
IconSmall Human Male Koreln Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male Korrigan Chief Librarian of the Violet Citadel Unknown
IconSmall Krasus Krasus Member of the Six, Consort of Alexstrasza; detonated the corrupted eggs and himself in the Chamber of Aspects Deceased
IconSmall High Elf Male Lan'dalock Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male Lukems Alive
IconSmall HighElf Male Luminrath (former) Conjurer of Kirin'Var Village, killed by Kael'thas' forces Undead
IconSmall Human Female Melindra Alive
IconSmall Human Male The Magnificent Merleaux Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female Joboba Mezbreaker Alive
IconSmall Human Male Crafticus Mindbender Alive
IconSmall Human Female Modera Current member of the ruling council Alive
IconSmall Human Male Moran Alive
IconSmall Human Male Morran (former) Killed by Kael'thas' forces in Kirin'Var Village Undead
IconSmall Human Female Mumplina Alive
IconSmall Lich Male Naberius (former) Former apprentice to Archmage Vargoth, responsible for the undead ones in Kirin'Var Village Killable
IconSmall Human Female Nelphi Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male John Nicholas Alive
IconSmall Human Male Norlan Chief Artificer of the Violet Citadel Unknown
IconSmall Human Male Phin Odelic Former mage of the Kirin Tor, resides in Southshore Alive
IconSmall Human Male Pentarus Alive
IconSmall Blood Elf Female Phaelista Alive
IconSmall Human Male Preston Alive
IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore Apprentice to Antonidas, Current Leader of the Kirin Tor, Ruler of Theramore Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male Ravandwyr Kirin Tor Apprentice of Archmage Vargoth, who survived the explosion in Kirin'Var Alive
IconSmall Human Male Thule Ravenclaw (former) Sold his soul to the Scourge, now ruling Fenris Keep. Killable
IconSmall Human Female Rheaume Alive
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin Former leader of the Kirin Tor, killed by Horde (Focusing Iris Mana Bomb) Deceased
IconSmall Human Female Rhydian Alive
IconSmall Human Male Ansirem Runeweaver Former leader of the Kirin Tor Alive
IconSmall Human Female Sarina Alive
IconSmall Human Female Researcher Sarix <Flight Master> in Everbloom Wilds, Gorgrond Alive
IconSmall High Elf Female Sathera Kirin Tor Mage Deceased
IconSmall Human Male Silva Alive
IconSmall Human Male Ulrik von Stromhearth Alive
IconSmall High Elf Female Kat Sunflower Alive
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Aethas Sunreaver Member of the Council of Six Alive
IconSmall Kael&#039;thas Kael'thas Sunstrider (former) Member of the Six and Prince of Quel'Thalas, turned to the Illidari (and later the Burning Legion) Killable
IconSmall High Elf Male Tenaj Alive
IconSmall Human Male Teronus III Alive
IconSmall Human Female Tiare Alive
IconSmall Human Male Timear Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female Natalie Tootiblare Alive
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Tyr'ganal Alive
IconSmall Human Male Ur Killed by the Scourge while defending Dalaran. Deceased
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Varenthas Alive
IconSmall Human Male Vargoth Leader of Kirin'Var Village, in what is now Netherstorm in Outland. Can also be found in Dalaran, locked away in the mage tower. Alive
IconSmall Human Female Watkins Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female Weinhaus Alive
IconSmall Human Male Whirt the All-Knowing Alive
IconSmall High Elf Male Yurias Alive

Quests Edit

Several quests provide reputation with the Kirin Tor.

Borean Tundra (+2691 rep) Edit

Coldarra (+2535 rep) Edit

&*Neutral 15 [71D] Have They No Shame? (+455 rep)

Dragonblight (+2645 rep) Edit

Dalaran (+676 rep) Edit

Title Edit

NPC members of the Kirin Tor should also have the <Kirin Tor> title, or <The Kirin Tor> in some rare cases.

In World of Warcraft: LegionEdit

0700Legion-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft: Legion.

At Gamescom 2015 it was announced that the upcoming 0700Legion-Logo-Small expansion will see Jaina step down as leader of the Kirin Tor, to be replaced by Khadgar.

Alex Afrasiabi on Thurs, 06 Aug 2015 [citation needed]
Dalaran and the mages of the Kirin Tor now led by Khadgar will also be joining us, and that means Dalaran is going to be coming to the Broken Isles and becoming a main hub for players for this expansion. We all love it. Now, I can’t say where Jaina went, but she was pissed off when she left.

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WoW Pro Lore Episode 12 The Seven Kingdoms-302:40

WoW Pro Lore Episode 12 The Seven Kingdoms-3

The Kirin Tor of the Seven Kingdoms

Notes Edit

  • It seems that the Kirin Tor condones torture: Inv wand 08 [Neural Needler]
    • The Neural Needler is part of a quest chain in the Borean Tundra where a Kiron Tor member, [[{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]], told the player he couldn't use it because of the principles in the Kirin Tor, so he gave it to the player for Neutral 15 [71] The Art of Persuasion so they could torture a servant of Malygos.

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