Kilrok Gorehammer is a level 35 orc quest giver located at Hunter's Hill in Southern Barrens.

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Gossipgossipicon Kilrok, how did we lose Honor's Stand?

It was a clever ruse, <name>. Alliance forces streamed out of Northwatch and marched up the gold road, besieging Crossroads as dusk fell. Then, in the heart of the night, they force-marched southward, leaving their campfires burning behind.
Our meager forces at Honor's Stand were caught unawares as the Alliance poured through the pass at dawn's first light. Many of our bravest warriors fell before their blades.

Gossipgossipicon This was before the Cataclysm?

Yes. We regrouped east of the pass and prepared a counter-attack, but the next day, the skies reddened and the land was cleaved in two, as easily as a child might split open a cactus apple. See how the devastation stretches from horizon to horizon?
Our Alliance foes in their makeshift bunkers were as surprised and disorganized as we were by the disaster. It would've been the perfect time to strike! But Warlord Gar'dul insisted we pull back to the south to refortify.
<Kilrok spits on the ground.>
Not all of us followed. I stood toe-to-toe with demons in the last war, <name>. I'm not about to turn tail and let the Alliance plant roots on my soil.

Gossipgossipicon You and your men stayed behind to fight.

To fight, yes. To die? Likely. But we will give them no ground, <class>.
We are outnumbered. Our armor is patchwork, our weapons scavenged.
But this is our land! Our tauren allies know every hidden trail, crevice, and pass through these hills. We descend from the high ground where they last expect us, then disappear into the terrain like phantoms. Fear is our weapon, and we will strike at them unceasingly.

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