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AllianceNPC 32Kilnar Goldensword
BloodElffemale nopic
Gender Female
Race High elf
Character class Sorceress, Mage
Affiliation Alliance, Dalaran
Position Dalarani Sorceress
Location Dalaran
Status Murdered by Arthas Menethil
Relative(s) Finnall Goldensword (daughter), Daelin Proudmoore (lover?)

Kilnar Goldensword was a high elf sorceress and native of Dalaran. Kilnar had several polite encounters with Daelin Proudmoore which is rumored, but widely considered untruthful, to have led to the birth of a half-elf girl, Finnall Goldensword. Kilnar raised her daughter by herself in Dalaran informing her daughter of her father when she came of age. Kilnar was killed by Arthas himself when the Scourge attacked Dalaran.[1][2]

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